Sunday, July 10, 2011

Last Hoo-rah

Today is the last day of my vacation.  Tomorrow I inevitably have to return to work but today I can still be in denial.  I want to go out for one last hoo-rah.

In Friday's edition of the Star Tribune I saw an article promoting the new African Penguins exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo.  As far as I knew, the zoo was closed.....but I was wrong.  The article also said that a Minneapolis judge had made a ruling that the zoo didn't need state funds to operate.  Which means they are open for business and I'm going to the zoo!

I did some research online on how to get there and ticket prices.  $18 bucks a person, plus parking, plus monorail passes.  And $3.85 for a gas.  This is going to get spendy.  In their FAQs, there was a question about discounted passes. 

I haven't been to library in forever, but I remember seeing museum passes at the checkout counters.  Yesterday's agenda was finding a pass because on Sunday's either libraries are closed or they open super late.  So I sent my sister on a goose chase....Johnsville, Northtown and Mounds View.  They were all sold out.  I got done working at the Y around 4:45.  I called my sister to see if she had any luck (nope!) so I decided I was going to run over to Rum River in Anoka before I headed home.

Boy was I lucky.  I made every green light and I sprinted to the door in hopes that I could get in before they closed the doors at 5pm.  I arrived at 4:58!  The museum display caught my eye right away, crossed my fingers that they still had MN Zoo passes, which they did.  I just saved $36. 

After this afternoon, I'll be able to cross off the MN Zoo from my Summer Bucket List.