Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another Blog

I have found that having a food diary and a workout log helps me maintain my motivation.  I thought about just keeping a journal in a notebook but it's the fact that at anytime someone else can read it, view it and comment on it.  It's the fear of judgment that keeps me on my path.  But maybe it can also help motivate someone too.  And that makes it worth it too.

So in the footsteps of Sara, I have decided to manage 2 blogs.  I will continue to post my Ready! Sweat! Go! posts on my Hulee Britozio blog.  But as of April 1st, I will continue posting on The Road To A Healthier Me.


Beth said...

That's awesome Julie! I will look forward to watching your second blog starting in April!

Jon, Sara, Tyler, and Sophie said...

Yea Julie! I can't wait to read both!

Gina said...

Way to go Julie!! That's so awesome! Can't wait to see your other blog and your journey continue.