Friday, March 11, 2011

Ready! Sweat! Go!: Day 11

Pre-breakfast aka. driving to work out: 1 Cliff bar
Breakfast: none
Lunch: TBD; possibly Filet O' Fish
Supper:TBD; possibly VFW Fish Fry...Six more Friday's and I'm already tired of fish!

Mid-Morning Workout at the Andover YMCA
Weight training of Upper Body:  Chest Press - 25 lbs/ 12 reps x2
                                                 Fly - 50 lbs/ 12 reps x2
                                                 Pulldown - 60 lbs/ 12 reps x2
                                                 Row/ Rear Delt - 40 lbs/ 12 reps x2
                                                 Shoulder Press - 20 lbs/ 12reps x2
                                                 Bicep Curl - 35 lbs/ 10 reps x2
                                                 Tricep Press - 60 lbs/ 12 reps x2

Cardio: 40 minutes of walking on treadmill - 2.6-3.3 mph


Gina said...

Way to go Julie! Your workouts are awesome!!! I'm pround of myself for walking/running or doing the eliptical for 30 minutes. Although I do my weight training every other day.