Saturday, March 19, 2011

When To Call It Quits?

I've had two jobs for a while now.  Almost 10 years.

When I first started working at the dental office, I kept my high school job at Snyders.  I was there just under 3 years....I think...possibly 4.  Then I only had 1 FT job until December 2005.  I wanted a little extra cash for the holidays and my cousin hooked me up with the "workout facility that shall remain nameless so we'll call it IT".  She had been working there since June.  And she got in the door because her brother is a camp director.  I like that "It" runs in the family. 

I went to an "It" camp with both of those same cousins and now the second generation ( their older brother's kids) have attended the same camp.  My aunt ( their mom and grandmother ) even volunteered to be Camp Nurse 2 summer's ago.  After hearing her stories, I would never volunteer for that job.  Kudos to those that do.

"It" is my PT job.  Which means...NOT a lot of responsibility and LOW stress.  At least those were my intentions way back when.  Not so much anymore.  Over two years ago I accepted a promotion and I became a PT Member Services Adviser.  That comes with a lot of responsibility but I knew I could handle it since I was a Key Associate at Snyders.  By "Key", I mean that you had the keys to the store so you could lock up shop at the end of the night.  That's part of what a PT MSA does, but you also take the brunt of problems and complaints.

I set an example for those I oversee during my shift.  I follow the rules with little to no exceptions.  When a coworker doesn't know what to do, they look towards me.  Or when someone gets screwed up, I'm supposed to know how to fix it.  When a member has a complaint or is disagreeing about a policy, they talk to me.  But I how much yelling can I stand?  How much disregard to the rules from my coworkers can I take?  Sometimes it feels like every man for himself rather than teamwork.   I can feel that it's starting the effect how I feel towards going to work.  I used to enjoy going and spending time with my coworkers and chatting with the members.  It's still like that most days, but someday's once that first person wants to pick a fight, I feel like throwing in the towel.  It's just not worth the stress and then if my customer service falters, "It" gets the bad rap.

I love the perk of a free membership especially since I've been on a roll with getting to the gym almost everyday.  I really love the extra cash every other Friday.  I'll forever cherish the friendships that I've made there with current and past coworkers.  I never thought I would still be there after 5 years.  It was supposed to be temporary.  I'll probably just stick it out because today was one of "those" days (and writing helps to get my frustrations out and not keep them bottled up inside) and tomorrow's a brand new day. 

But I can't help but wonder how much longer will I still be working here?  When do I say "It's been great but enough is enough"?  Tomorrow?....In another 5 years?...When I finally meet a guy that I click with and we get married and I can rely on him as an extra source of income?.....He needs to hurry up and meet me already!