Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ready! Sweat! Go!: Day 16

Breakfast: Fit & Active cereal - Vanilla Almond flakes
Snack while standing out in the cold: Caribou Hot Chocolate
Lunch: none due to premature closing on the building I work in
Post-workout snack: String Cheese
Supper: 2 Thielen old-fashioned weiners on white bread with ketchup and mustard
            Tortilla Chip

*The day was a disaster as far as working goes.  I was stuck out in the cold twice waiting for the fire department to do their thing.  The first time was as 6:50-7:30am and the second time was 11:30-12:00pm.  The second floor smelled like something was burning and the hall outside our office was hazy.  The second time was worse than the first.  I guess one of the few "generators" that power the building fried, thus over-powering the remaining "generators" that it happened again.  The silver lining....the rest of the day was canceled and the office closed at noon.  I was able to go to the gym, shower and be home before it was 2pm...the time that I was supposed to be done with work.  I had the rest of the afternoon to do whatever I pleased.  Sweet!  I just hope the building is still standing tomorrow morning.

Early Afternoon Workout at the Chain of Lakes YMCA
Cardio: 45 minutes of walking on treadmill - 2.8-3.3 mph

Weights: Rest Day