Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ready! Sweat! Go!: Day 31

Wow! 31 days just flew by.  I guess this challenge is what it took for me to actually get off the couch and exercise EVERYDAY.  And I feel great.  My days feel more productive.  And I'm in the middle of my third book after 4 weeks.  That's crazy too.  I usually read three books a year.'s to healthy living and literacy!

Breakfast aka driving to gym: 1 Cliff bar
Lunch: Broadway Pizza - buffet: Salad, Cottage Cheese; Pizza; Spaghetti; Cinnamon Bread
Pre-work dinner: Lasanga; Herb Roll; Chocolate Milk
Post-work dinner: Chicken Penne Pasta

Mid-morning workout at the Andover YMCA

Warm-up: 3 minutes walking on treadmill - 2.4 mph

Weight training of Lower Body:  Leg Curl - 35 lbs/ 12 reps x2
                                                 Leg Extension - 55 lbs/ 12 reps x2
                                                 Calf Extension - 160 lbs/ 12 reps x1; 180 lbs/ 12 reps x1
                                                 Leg Press - 80 lbs/ 12 reps x2
                                                 Hip Abduction - 85 lbs/ 12 reps x2
                                                 Hip Adduction - 85 lbs/ 12 reps x2
                                                 Back Extension - 150 lbs/ 12 reps x2

Cardio: 30 minutes of walking on treadmill - 2.8-3.5 mph

P.S.  Am I the only one who loves the feeling of sitting still in the car and feeling the nerve ending fire and twitch in the thighs after a long workout?


Jon, Sara, Tyler, and Sophie said...

Way to go Julie! Congratulations on doing all 31 days.