Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ready! Sweat! Go!: Day 13

Breakfast: Morrill Breakfast Fundraiser - 2 pieces French Toast; 2 Little Sausages; Scrambled Eggs; Cinnamon Roll; 2 glasses of Apple Juice
Lunch:  Um...too full.
Dinner: Leftovers - Elbow noodle spaghetti; Roasted Potatoes; Water

No "official" workout today either.  I am too tired from driving home and I don't want to be driving anywhere else today.  I just want to relax at home from being on-the-go all weekend.

However, one may consider doing standard housework as a workout.  Lugging the suitcases up the stairs, hauling the dirty laundry hamper down the stairs, bending over to lift the dirty laundry out the hamper and pushing it into the front load washer, pulling wet clothes from washer and pushing them into the front load dryer, pulling dry clothes from dryer and placing into clothes basket, lifting full clothes basket and carrying to living room.  Do you like my verbs??  There is squatting involved and possibly lunging if one is creative enough.


Beth said...

I frequently consider laundry part of my daily workout! It can be exhausting enough!

Gina said...

I agree about the laundry! It's not easy especially carrying the basket from one floor to another!