Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ready! Sweat! Go!: Day 3

I'm three days in and I feel like this could really stick.  Writing things down might be helping me stay on track.  I just might have to start another blog where I can just write about my daily health habits.  We'll have to see how I feel after 31 days though.

Pre-breakfast aka. driving to work out: 1 Cliff bar
Breakfast: none
Lunch: Turkey PB&J on whit bread; Doritos; water
Snack while during housework: 8 oz. OJ
Supper:  Jenny-O Turkey Loaf; Real mashed potatoes (NOT instant potatoes); Romaine and Spinach Salad with carrots, red cabbage and radishes; Western dressing; water

Cardio: 30 minutes of walking on treadmill - 2.6-3.3 mph

Weight training of Upper Body:  Chest Press - 20 lbs/ 12 reps x2
                                                 Fly - 50 lbs/ 12 reps x2
                                                 Pulldown - 60 lbs/ 12 reps x2
                                                 Row/ Rear Delt - 40 lbs/ 12 reps x2
                                                 Shoulder Press - 30 lbs/ 9 reps x2
                                                 Bicep Curl - 40 lbs/ 9 reps x2
                                                 Tricep Press - 60 lbs/ 12 reps x2

Cool Down: 15 minutes of walking on treadmill - 2.2 mph

I could say that I went back on the treadmill for another 15 minutes because I wanted to make up for the  workout that I missed yesterday but that's not the whole truth.  At the end of my 30 minutes of cardio, I had to stop at a really good place in the book I was reading and I wanted to find out how the chapter would end.


Beth said...

What book are you reading?