Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ready! Sweat! Go!: Day 24

Breakfast: A taste of a dessert I made last night:  Blueberry Delight; Special K Berry Yogurt
Morning Lunch: Leftovers - Lasagna; Garlic Bread; Water
Afternoon Lunch: Boxed Lunch from Nelson's Cheese Factory (at CPR class)- Ham and Swiss on hamburger roll; Potato Chips; Chocolate Chunk cookie; Water
Dinner: Benningan's ( Y gal get-together) - 1/2 Turkey Club and Garden Salad ( tomatoes, onions, cucumber, croutons) with French Dressing

No "official" workout.  I had every intention of going to work just 10 minutes early so that I could walk the stairs but that didn't pan out.  I still wanted to do something so I just kept moving.  When developing xrays, I was squatting or doing a side-step-lunge-point-toe.  Then I saw our distilled water that was delivered yesterday.  Some hadn't been put away yet and a light bulb went off.  I took a jug and weighted it on the postage stamp scale.  A gallon of water comes in at 137 ounces, which converts to just under 9 pounds.  Perfect.

I made sure I was alone in the sterile lab so no one could catch me looking ridiculous.  With a gallon of water in each hand, I did 2 reps of 12 bicep curls, shoulder presses and fly each.  Doing the fly is actually quite hard when you have to hold your arms out straight and move the jugs on a horizontal line.

I had been looking forward to Bennigan's all week and every time I've been to there I've ordered the Monte Cristo.  My mouth drools still thinking of it.  But I couldn't bring myself to eat that deep fried yumminess and all the calories and fat and sodium that come with it.  Instead, I ordered the 1/2 Sandwich and Salad combo.  I'm proud of myself for having the power to say no.