Thursday, March 3, 2011

Green thumb?

I don't have a green thumb.  At least not like my mother's.  She can take any plant that looks like it's been dead for weeks and nurse it back to life.  Heck, give me a plant and I'll plan it's funeral.

Even though plants and I don't get along, I love to have flowers on my front patio/step every spring and summer.  I usually buy flowers at the local nursery but it's always expensive.  This year I'm going to try growing flowers from seed.  Today I purchased 2 professional greenhouses and many varieties of flowers at Fleet Farm.  Fleet Farm sells flower/vegetable seeds  50% off suggested retail price.  Plus, in this Sunday's ad, they are an extra 15% off.

Wish me luck that everything turns out.  Here is the list of flowers that I purchased:  Coleus, Cosmos, Foxglove, Impatiens, Morning Glories, Painted Daisies, Salvia and Violas.